A full-range of medical imaging in Melbourne

About Back Care is one of the few clinics in Melbourne, and indeed Victoria and Australia, that offers a full range of chiropractic services and medical imaging under the one roof. We’re also the only chiropractic service to offer MRI imaging in-house.

For you, the patient, this means we can diagnose and then treat your injury or issue quickly, sometimes straight away. Getting you back on track and pain-free as quickly as possible.

In addition, About Back Care offers emergency and after hours imaging services. This is dependant on whether a referral is required and we can advise at the time of your phone call. About Back Care can provide you with full payment details once we know your circumstances.

Medical Imaging services provided

General X-Rays

  • Ultra low dose x-rays – lower than standard medical imaging.
  • X-Rays can be performed in various upright positions, as well as lying down, to evaluate weight-bearing effects.
  • About Back Care provides a range of x-ray services including full spine, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbo-pelvic spine and extremities.

Long View X-Rays

  • Using ultra low dose, state of the art technology, About Back Care can x-ray the whole of the spine or lower limbs. This allows accurate orthopaedic line and angle measurements for a variety of conditions.
  • Like our general x-ray, long view x-rays can be performed in a variety of positions, not just lying down.

Orthopaedic Tomosynthesis

  • The Tomosynthesis medical imaging equipment features brand new technology that can take multiple image slices at a fraction of the dose of standard CT scanners.
  • Imaging can be performed in a variety of upright positions, not just lying down.
  • Ideal for cases when more advanced imaging is required.

CT Scanning

  • The CT scanner is state of the art.
  • It requires a medical practitioner referral.
  • For the patient, the main advantage is the low-dose radiation design, which makes having CT scans in our clinic safer than having similar scans with standard CT equipment.
  • Our CT scanner is capable of producing very high quality 2D and 3D multiplanar images and is ideal for skeletal or bone-related injuries and other disorders.
  • The CT scanner is in a well lit room, with abundant natural light, and is claustrophobia friendly.


  • Our clinic was the first in Victoria to offer standing MRI services. This allows imaging to be performed in a variety of positions, not just lying down. This allows us to assess injuries in a weight bearing position. In some cases, using this technology, we can detect issues that standard MRI equipment can’t.
  • The standing MRI is designed specifically for imaging spine, sports and activity-related musculoskeletal injuries and issues.
  • The standing MRI’s open design makes it suitable for people who suffer from claustrophobia.


  • Coming soon!