About Backcare: Bayside chiropractor and after hours chiropractic services

Welcome to the About Backcare/ChiroProctor website. Dr David Proctor has practiced continually in Bayside for over twenty years as a Registered Chiropractor and Registered Radiographer. We are a full service practice that provides two locations (Brighton & Beaumaris) to meet your health care needs in regard to Chiropractic and Radiography.

If you are an existing patient you can make an appointment at no cost to you by clicking onMake an appointment existing patient” and follow the prompts. If you require treatment for a new condition or injury please advise in the dialog box when requesting an appointment.

If you are a new patient who has either been referred by your GP, family, friends or are booking after searching on the web during regular office hours click on “Make an appointment New Patient, regular office hours Please allow between 1 and 1.5 hours for your initial consultation, examination and treatment.


Chiropractic is an effective way to maintain your health and provide relief for discomfort and pain. Although the predominant treatment is to maintain back and neck pains and discomforts, Chiropractic is helpful in aiding you to maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal system.


At our practice we provide a number of services to aid in general spinal health. This includes:

X-Ray services – An imaging system providing us with a detailed insight into your present health.

Orthotic fitting – A shoe insole fitting service, providing support for feet, legs and the lower back.

Maintenance care: General periodic checkups to aid you in maintaining your health in the long term.

These services are suitable for people wanting to maintain their general health and fitness, and is also suitable in aiding with sporting fitness and injury management for athletes of all sports.

We also provide a comprehensive seven day a week emergency service if you are in acute pain after hours. There is an onsite X-ray facility. This exceptional x-ray service is normally provided on the first visit so that we can start your treatment immediately. Click on “Emergency after hour’s appointment”.


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